High Precision Flexible Gear Measurement with Leitz CMMs

High Precision Flexible Gear Measurement with Leitz CMMs

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Standard CMMs, when properly equipped, are the ideal flexible tool for measuring gears. They combine the flexibility of a general purpose measuring system, with specialized probing and software that allows them to be fully functional gear measuring centers that do not require a rotary table, which makes the system both more flexible, less expensive overall, and more accurate. The Leitz product line from Hexagon Metrology supplies high accuracy machines equipped with analog scanning probes that provide high density, high accuracy form data of the measured geometry.


Companies in the windpower, heavy equipment, powertrain and power generation markets find that a Leitz CMM is ideally suited to the task of gear inspection, especially when the requirement is to measure extremely large gears or gear segments. Precise inspection of big gears has been traditionally quite expensive, if not downright impossible. This has all changed that with the introduction of the Leitz PMM-G series of high precision gear inspection centers. The PMM-G is available in several sizes: for gear diameters up to 2950mm / 116”, up to 3950mm / 155” and up to 4450mm / 177”. The shaft length can be as long as 7000mm / 275”.


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