Cover Story

Diversity at Texas Instruments

by Scott Madison Paton

By developing new corporate policies and forming employee diversity groups and programs, Texas Instruments hopes to help all employees reach their full potential and achieve their goals.


Quality and Product Liability

by Randall Goodden

Proper documentation, testing and quality procedures can help companies prevent liability losses.

The Complete Employee:
A New Definition of Work

by Danny G. Langdon

We need to understand that we own all the inputs to produce quality outputs. A new model focuses individuals on what they can do on their own as well as in teams.

10 Things You Should Know About ISO 14000

by Caroline G. Hemenway

Get acquainted with the international environmental management system
standard before it's too late.

The Basics of ISO 9000

by Navin S. Dedhia

Organizations seeking ISO 9000 registration should first learn the simple facts about this international set of standards.

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