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2003 Nondestructive Testing Directory

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Welcome to Quality Digest’s 2003 Nondestructive Testing Directory, which is intended to assist you in your search for the NDT products and/or services best suited for your organization’s needs.

The topic of NDT includes all testing in which the part being examined is unharmed. Ideal for 100 percent testing as well as large- and/or expensive-equipment manufacturers (e.g., aerospace, bridge-building, military, power generation and chemical industries), NDT is fast becoming the testing option of choice for companies that simply can’t afford to destroy a part in order to test it.

Even if your company produces smaller--or more accurately, less expensive--parts, there still may be a need for NDT. In fact, if anyone in your organization uses a microscope, thickness gage, digital camera or even a magnifying glass during inspection, then you’re already using NDT.

Quality Digest’s 2003 Nondestructive Testing Directory features listings of more than 160 companies that responded to our requests for information. The directory presents an alphabetical listing of these companies, including the companies’ contact information (address, phone number, fax number and Web address), if provided. Also, many companies have selected from a predetermined list the types of products and/or service they offer. These are listed in red. For more detailed descriptions of these offerings, visit www.qualitydigest.com/coinfo/ndt.html.

As with all Quality Digest guides, the 2003 NDT Directory is in no way meant to endorse or exclude any particular organization. Rather, it’s meant to be used as the starting point in the data-gathering process. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies directly for more information and to ask for--and check--references.