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1997 SPC Software
Buyers Guide

by Dirk Dusharme and Laurel Thoennes

Welcome to Quality Digestís 1997 Statistical Process Control Software Buyers Guide. In this guide, you will find a wide range of software dealing with SPC, problem solving, statistical analysis, design of experiments and related products.

The matrix, which you can download by clicking here, contains an alphabetical listing of more than 100 software companies or distributors and nearly 300 software products. Product attributes are listed across from the products under broad categories for SQC, statistical analysis, DOE and SPC, with each of these categories subdivided into specific product functions.

This year we expanded the Gage R&R heading to include gage management and control products. An ďxĒ marked under this heading means that a particular product performs one or more of those functions. Perhaps fueled by ISO 9000 requirements, the number of unique gage software products or add-ons to SPC software packages has increased. From this, coupled with the feedback we received on this yearís SPC software questionnaire, we concluded that we may need to develop a new guide specifically for gaging software. If you agree, please e-mail us at gages@qualitydigest.com describing what you would like to see such a guide cover.

To maintain the quality of the SPC buyers guide, we listed only those companies that responded to our questionnaire. We also have tried to exclude software packages that obviously didnít fit within the scope of this guide. (We publish a buyers guide each month, so other types of software will appear in other guides.) Some products are listed more than once because a product may appear under both its producerís and its distributorsí names.

As with all Quality Digest buyers guides, the 1997 SPC Software Buyers Guide is intended to provide our readers with an impartial listing of software titles. The software listed in this directory has been neither evaluated nor endorsed by Quality Digest.

If you find this guide helpful or would like to share any observations, please feel free to telephone, fax or  e-mail us at spc@qualitydigest.com.

To read the buyers guide file after you have downloaded it, you must have a copy of Adobe Acrobat. You can download Acrobat by clicking on the Adobe icon below.


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