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FDA Compliance Features
Jon Speer
A survival guide for medical-device quality managers
Grant Ramaley
Edition 3.2 compliance costs will likely create major challenges for manufacturers of medical electrical devices
Jon Speer
When failure is not an option
Thomas R. Cutler
Software tool aids cost, liability analysis for ergonomics issues
Stephen M. Hahn
Adaptation in the face of adversity

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FDA Compliance News
Good quality is adding an average of 11 percent to organizations’ revenue growth
Further enhances change management capabilities
Creates adaptive system for managing product development and post-market quality for devices with software elements
VQIP allows for expedited review and importation for approved applicants that demonstrate safe supply chains
An invite from Alcon Laboratories
Intended to harmonize domestic and international requirements
Pharma quality teams will have performance-oriented objectives as well as regulatory compliance goals
Strategic investment positions EtQ to accelerate innovation efforts and growth strategy

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Indicate Technologies

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Founded in 2004 and located in the Silicon Valley, Indicate Technologies Inc. is uniquely positioned to address the high technology markets of the Western United States in the field of precision dimensional metrology. Working with high profile brands of instrumentation and employing technical talent enables our mission to provide world class solutions and consulting to our clients. We have developed specialized knowledge and expertise in non-contact and multi-sensor measurement systems including vision, laser, ultrasonic, piezoelectric, confocal, interferometric and touch probe sensors.