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A major field of opportunity for the head of quality
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The world affects your job, and you affect the world. Take pride in your work.
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Here’s a sample of some of the stories our readers found most interesting in 2019
The QA Pharm
Complete all 11 quizzes, and you will have satisfied the requirement in 21CFR211.25(a) for continuing CGMP training
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Want to be part of FDA’s SaMD precertification program? Get your QMS up to par.

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FDA Compliance News
Creates adaptive system for managing product development and post-market quality for devices with software elements
VQIP allows for expedited review and importation for approved applicants that demonstrate safe supply chains
An invite from Alcon Laboratories
Intended to harmonize domestic and international requirements
Pharma quality teams will have performance-oriented objectives as well as regulatory compliance goals
Strategic investment positions EtQ to accelerate innovation efforts and growth strategy
The FDA’s RMAT designation goes live
Awards help states implement multiyear produce-safety systems

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Quality Road Show with Mike Micklewright: Norfield Industries—Part 2

Video Information

Mike Micklewright visits Norfield Industries in Chico, California, in this second episode of the series, Dan Bird of Norfield shows Micklewright how a small manufacturer can implement lean.


This episodes will demonstrate efficiencies gained through:

A pass-through oven


Shadow boards that also function as go/no-go gauges

Kanban racks


We'd like to thank Norfield Industries for taking the time meet with us.


Norfield Industries

43 Norfield Avenue Suite # 4

Chico, CA 95928

Tools & Supplies -800-824-6242

Machinery Sales -800-331-0999



Visit Mike Micklewright at www.mikemick.com/