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Jennifer Mallow
A telehealth researcher explains how to get the most out of remote healthcare
Donald J. Wheeler
A state by state breakdown over the past six months
Thomas R. Cutler
Software tool aids cost, liability analysis for ergonomics issues
Jon Speer
Knowing where to prioritize is key to successful mitigation
Jennifer Lauren Lee
NIST researchers describe unique system for testing how well narrow wavebands of UV light kill germs

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Provides improved thermal stability for stored materials, risk mitigation advantages, and processes that are documented and repeatable
Patient safety is a key focus in update of ISO 14155, the industry reference for good practice in clinical trials.
Despite being far from campus because of the pandemic, some students are engineering a creative way to stay connected
Good quality is adding an average of 11 percent to organizations’ revenue growth
Further enhances change management capabilities
Stereotactic robot helps identify target and deliver electrodes to target with submillimetric accuracy
How the nation’s leading multistate cannabis company ensures quality and safety standards
ISO and WHO are working for universal access to quality health products that are all at once safe, effective, and affordable
Certification bodies can conduct food safety audits and issue certifications of foreign food facilities

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Profiles in Quality: Wayne Ferch, CEO Feather River Hospital

Video Information

In this episode of Profile in Quality we interview Wayne Ferch, president and CEO of Feather River Hospital.


 Feather River Hospital is a 101-bed facility nestled into the hills in Paradise, California. It is a three-time winner of the Baldrige-based California Awards For Performance Excellence (CAPE). In 2008 it won CAPE's highest honor, the Gold-level Eureka Award.


Today Feather River Hospital is pursuing the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.