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Mikel J. Harry

Six Sigma

Mikel J. Harry Providing Six Sigma Scholarships

Lean Six Sigma online training and certification available for economically disadvantaged professionals

Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 10:47

Allow me to come straight to the point. I am providing a limited number of full and partial scholarships for the MindPro Lean Six Sigma Online Training and Certification Program. The scholarships are being provided as a part of my working philanthropy initiative, which has now been extended due to a high level of public interest.

The scholarships are for economically disadvantaged professionals who have been displaced, downgraded, or find their employment at “high risk” due to the current economic climate. Special scholarships are available for college students, military veterans, active-duty personnel, and Purple Heart recipients.

For those in need, this is a wonderful way to earn a highly credible and world-respected Six Sigma credential (Black Belt or Green Belt). Through this scholarship program, the selected candidates can develop an extremely valuable set of highly marketable lean and Six Sigma competencies that have been proven to attract better jobs and higher salaries .

To see if you or someone you know qualifies for a scholarship, contact Sandy at (480) 515-0890.

To help us spread the word about this scholarship, we ask that you pass this news through your contacts. Although you may not be in need, or already possess a Six Sigma credential, there are people within our social and professional networks who do have the need and are actively looking for solutions. It is important to find these people through the social media networks. In this way, you can help others realize a decisive and rapid improvement in their quality of life. Remember, “You can’t act on what you don’t know exists.” So let’s work together to make this scholarship widely known. We can make a difference.


About The Author

Mikel J. Harry

Mikel J. Harry, Ph.D., is widely recognized as the principal architect of Six Sigma. His book, Six Sigma: The Management Strategy Revolutionizing the World's Top Corporations (Doubleday Business, 1999) has been on the bestseller list of The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Amazon.com. He also co-authored The Six Sigma Fieldbook: How DuPont Successfully Implemented the Six Sigma Breakthrough Management Strategy (Broadway Business, 2006). Harry is president and chairman of the board at the Six Sigma Managment Institute, which he founded in 2003, and he serves as vice chairman of the Six Sigma Academy, an international consultancy he founded in 1994. 


I am really interested in a Six Sigma scholarship

My name is Eric Hogan. I have Asperger Syndrome and was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 34. I'm also severely and profoundly deaf. I've been struggling to get a good job with decent wages since graduating from Mississippi State University in 1998 with a degree in industrial technology. Mississippi does not have a large manufacturing base.

In the past 5 years, since being diagnosed with Asperger's, I've come a long way in my career. Since 2008, I've been trying to start a nonprofit, Autistic Advancement, to integrate people with autism into the workplace. I was successful in assembling a great board of directors. In 2011, I got a job as a cell phone repair technician at C Spire Wireless, where I broke records for productivity. In 2012, I won 2nd place in a business concept competition out of 37 pitches. My idea was for an IT staffing agency that employs people with autism. For the past year, I've been studying very hard for my CAPM project management certificate. I'm almost ready to take my test. I can speak some Japanese, and have been learning Mandarin Chinese.

My former manager from C Spire Wireless, who used to be an operations manager at Siemens, said I will make an excellent industrial engineer. He said if I got both a project management and a Six Sigma certificate, it would make me "very, very marketable." I've been dying to get Six Sigma certified for the past 10 to 15 years, but it is very difficult to come up with the amount of money required to pay for the training. I'm hoping to become a Black Belt because it will help the most.

My plans are to move to Austin, TX, where there is a lot more opportunity. Hopefully, I will already have these certificates so I can improve my marketability and get a better paying job. I plan to get a job as an industrial engineer or project manager, and work with the autism community in helping them to also become gainfully employed.

What else should I do if I'm interestd in receiving a scholarship? How much is being offered?

Please take a look at these recent articles about me:

http://www.autismsupportnetwork.com/news/deaf-man-aspergers-starts-non-profit-help-those-autism-find-jobs-398839333 http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20120323/BIZ/203230342/Hogan-Time-change-rules

Scholarship blackbelt

Please consider me for your six sigma scholarship, I have 28 years of IT, leadership, and scrum experience. I'm having trouble getting a job at this stage in my career. I'm living in unemployment and SSDI being disabled due to chronic spinal injury.