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Olympus Releases Standalone DP26 Microscope Camera

No PC connection required for capturing, storing high-resolution images

Published: Monday, November 12, 2012 - 15:32

(Olympus: Center Valley, PA) -- Available for the first time as a standalone unit, the Olympus DP26 high-resolution microscope camera streamlines image capture and saves valuable workspace—all without the need for a PC connection.

The DP26’s new control unit is the latest enhancement to a camera that has made a significant impact on industries around the world, including materials science, semiconductors, and electronics. The standalone system makes it easy for multiple users to share images and make annotations; in addition, the unit can link to a projector for conferences and other applications.

“The DP26 satisfies the quality control needs of research laboratories in any industry,” says Jeri Reed, associate product manager at Olympus. “A cost-effective means of capturing images and performing basic measurements, the DP26 provides a simple, robust standalone solution.”

The DP26 microscope camera is ideally suited for visual inspection, with near-real-time imaging capabilities. Its color fidelity provides faithful color reproduction for a variety of high-detail samples in diverse fields.

Equipped with a 5-megapixel CCD, the micro-imaging digital camera captures images at up to 2448 x 1920 resolution, providing vivid clarity even for images captured at low magnification or digitally enlarged.

The standalone DP26 provides automatic shading correction, rapid white balance adjustment, auto-exposure, measurements tools, and more. In addition, data can be stored and accessed using an intuitive file manager that records exposure settings, magnifications, and other parameters for easy future reference. The DP26 attaches to a microscope via a standard C-mount.

For more information on the DP26 microscope camera, visit olympus-ims.com.


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Olympus is a precision technology leader in designing and delivering innovative solutions and breakthrough technology in product design and functionality in its core business areas: cameras and audio products, industrial measurement and imaging instruments, life science imaging systems, and medical and surgical products. Olympus also serves health care and commercial laboratory markets with financial, educational, and consulting services. Olympus NDT Inc., located in Waltham, Massachusetts, is the U.S. marketing, manufacturing, and sales headquarters for ultrasonic and eddy current testing instruments.