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Quality Digest


Quality Digest Publishes New Knowledge Guide

‘Eight Steps to Team Problem Solving’ is a must-read for new teams

Published: Monday, January 18, 2016 - 14:25

(Quality Digest: Chico, CA) -- Quality Digest, the international publication for all things quality, has published a new tool in its Knowledge Guide series. “Eight Steps to Team Problem Solving” is a useful and user-friendly resource for employees and teams unfamiliar with basic problem-solving tools. The eight steps explained in the guide can be followed by independent teams or used by project or team leaders to guide a problem-solving project to completion.

Each step is clearly described and includes explanations and an example of a relevant problem-solving tool such as a chart or technique. The eight steps are:
Step 1: Identify problems
Step 2: Select and define a problem-solving project
Step 3: Collect data
Step 4: Analyze data
Step 5: Develop potential solutions
Step 6: Pick the best solution(s)
Step 7: Implement solution(s)
Step 8: Follow up and measure

The problem-solving tools include links to more in-depth explanations so teams can understand and create their own charts and graphs. Quotes from industry experts highlight problems and insights that teams typically discover. A focused list of further reading from the Quality Digest archives is included at the end of the guide.

“Eight Steps to Team Problem Solving” is available for download at Quality Digest’s affiliate training site, 360 Performance Circle. At $4.95 per copy, every team member should get their hands on this useful document before they begin a project.


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