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When calculating control limits for X-Bar, MR Charts should the:
Average Moving Range,
Median Moving Range,
Square Root of MSSD,
be selected as the method of calculating the SD for the limits in minitab.
Note: k=54, n=4


hershal 10/21/2002


The ISO 9001:2000 version section for internal audits (8.2.2) is nearly unchaged from ISO 9001:1994 clause 4.17....which means the requirements should be mostly unchanged. When I was at Newport Corporation, I was in the process of trying to get my auditors IRCA certifed. I was, and one other got certified, and had others in varying stages of progress. I recommend for internals that do not have potential for international exposure (in an audit role) either ASQ or RAB certification. For any that have the potential for international, then I recommend IRCA certification.

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