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I'm employed by a non-profit professional association. I'd like to establish a vendor certification program so that our association members can make informed decisions regarding third party service providers. Is there material available (i.e. guide book) that would take me through the process of developing such a program?


helicheck 10/25/2001

First you should get all of your calibration system questions answered. If you can not prove that you have or can provide a proper environment for calibration, then all else is a mote point. This is especially true if you are currently certified or intending to become certified. What is your production environment. What kind of test equipment do you have. What kind of tolerances are you required to hold which leads to what level of accuracy and precision that will be needed for you calibration system. Keep in mind that the higher the level to be maintained the higher your associated costs are going to be. Once you have these and other questions answered then you can start looking into what calibrations can and can not be done in house. After determing what is appropriate and cost effective to be done in house then you can better determine what your calibration system can be. Lastly, your person must have support from the administration and be able to develop and maintain the documentation that goes along with such a sytem

Check out www.asq.org for information on calibration systems and training ideas. I personally believe that basic metrology would be a start just so your person understands the basics of using metrology equipment. If you can not use it you can not calibrate it might be a broad but fair statement.

I have made some very broad generalizations. There is a lot of time, energy and money that goes into calibration. For this reason you must understand thoroughly what it is you are proposing to get into and I hope that you take what I've said and research it to death. I also hope that there are more responses out there to come?

If you care to make your whereabouts known, I'll be glad to get some additional information to you (jpfouts@alliedmachine.com).