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We are involved with a new customer that requires PPAP. Since we are a small company (<25 total employees), with limited resources, where can we obtain the necessary information and explanation to perform PPAP.
We have received a PPAP report from our supplier for their portion of this project, but we are some what overwhelmed with ALL of the required documentation. The report included items such as: PSW, inspection reports, material evaluations, flow charts, control plans, gage R&R, Process FMEA, etc.
Is there an easier and less costly way to comply?


forrestbreyfogle 5/6/2005

INITIAL POSTING: "What techniques can I use to effectively engage middle management in Six Sigma projects/deployment?"

RESPONSE: It is more desirable to create a system where projects are pulled for creation, as opposed to being pushed into the system. If we need to work at increasing management's interest in project creation, I view this a push system for project creation.

I like to have 30,000-foot-level metric accountability by management, where these metrics address operational business needs tracked over time without calendar boundaries.

Goals can then be set for these metrics. Targeted metrics for business' goal success are to demonstrate a statistically significant improvement in time; i.e., could be in management's performance plan.

To achieve the desired shift in the 30,000-foot-level metric, one will need to do something different within the process. Six Sigma projects can provide the mechanism for this to occur; i.e., performance metrics pull for the creation of projects.

Contact me off-line if you would like to discuss further.

Forrest Breyfogle
Six Sigma Moderator