Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Workshop

When: Nov. 3rd 3:00pmMar. 2nd 3:00pm (Eastern)

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M. Muller 800-338-7726 mmuller@juran.com
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https://www.juran.com/events/lean-six-sigma-black-belt Webinar

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The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt workshop prepares participants to be improvement project team leaders as well as statistical experts who can work on multiple improvement projects at a time. Juran certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts are on-site implementation experts with the ability to: 1. Develop, coach, and lead cross-functional process improvement teams. 2. Mentor and advise management on prioritizing, planning and launching Lean Six Sigma projects. 3. Use, teach, and disseminate Lean Six Sigma tools and methods to Green Belts and team members. As part of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training, Juran’s instructor will review, critique, and advise the Black Belt candidates between online training sessions. To be a Juran-certified Black Belt, candidates must successfully complete improvement projects approved by the Juran Instructor. A significant return on investment (at least $150,000 in financial impact) has been the norm for Juran Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who successfully complete Juran assisted projects. Juran’s blend of online learning and live webinar training contains self-paced instructional modules, as well as reading assignments designed to reinforce what has been learned in the module.

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